The DFT2017 conference will be organized at Klockargården / Åkerblads Hotel (depending on the number of participants) in Tällberg in the county of Dalarna, Sweden
(Address: Klockargården Hotel, Siljansvägen 456, 793 70 Tällberg, Sweden / Åkerblads Hotel, Sjögattu 2, 793 70 Tällberg, Sweden).

Link to Tällberg in google maps and eniro maps.

Tällberg is located at the eastern shore of Lake Siljan in the heart of Dalarna county. It is one of the most famous tourist and visitor resorts in Sweden, last but not least because the timber or log houses and buildings give the village a unique character. Find out more about Tällberg here, Discover Tällberg, and Dalarna county here, Visit Dalarna.

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